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Jun 19, 2017 at 9:08 PM
    1. Peaty
      Hey, a long while ago was it you who knew an up and coming tack company, got R&B a rolled bridle or something? I don't know why, but I thought of it the other day and was wondering if they were up and running now?
    2. Mykelti
      Fancy I noticed an older post that you had a WOW saddle. I am very interested and I'm wondering where I can find a fitter in California that deals with WOW saddles, if you could give me some info on the saddles and fitters that would be great! Thanks!
    3. Fancy That
      Fancy That
      Hi Kate,

      I have some new and some used- a - few -times high-end breastplates. They look just like Antares and are just as high quality...made by a new saddlery who uses the best Sedgewick and Italian Leathers.

      The new ones are $100 (only tried on once) and the "used a few times" ones are $85. They come with Running Martingale Attachments, too.

      I have both Navy Blue and Hunter Green. Can't seem to PM you or include pictures here so feel free to reach me if interested at

    4. Fancy That
      Fancy That
      Thanks Kriesberg for the feedback on Delfina! I got the girth and love it so far :)
    5. KRiesberg
      Fancy that,
      your inbox is full :-)
      Buuuut .... Sorry for my delayed response, I've had some difficulty gettin on the forum the past couple months and also just moved. I love the delfina girth. It's not super high quality but it's higher quality than expected for the price point. I don't find the buckles to move aroud BUT the coloring has worn a bit on the leather above the buckles. It's pretty true to size, and my mare is between a 24 and a 26". I wish I had done the 24" but that being said, the elastic is holding strong and it hasn't been a problem for the 2 years I've had it! Hope this helps, and if you already bought it then I hope you're happy with it! Let me know if you want to see a photo of the wear or anything!
    6. Barrelracer318
      No problem!! Glad I could help!
    7. JBandRio
    8. Rhythm 'n Blues
      Rhythm 'n Blues
      Sent ya long FB msg about D-griths! lol :)
    9. SkyeTiger
      Your welcome :) She makes me want a Morgan. haha
    10. Mochi007
      No problem! I got worried when I saw the post and immediately checked mine too. Glad it was just a mistake in the criticism. :rolleyes:
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    "South County" Bay Area, CA
    Google for Work
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    Morgan, Belgian, ShetlandxMini
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    I do a bit of everything with my Morgan mare, Fancy That. From local H/J, to schooling Horse Trials (eventing), Hunter Paces, Team Chases, camping and just having fun!

    We also have a Belgian Draft, Jake, for my husband. He is the best trail horse ever! Super fun to ride. Plus my sister and I share a Shetland/Mini pony, Tinkerbell. (I also keep my sisters' NSH at home here at our ranch, so she's my baby too)

    I'm also an artist. See my website: to see samples of my EQUINE PORTRAIT PAINTINGS!
    Been riding since age 6. (i'm over 40 :) Did Hunters FOREVER, then got into Morgans & "natural horsemanship", and now have swung back to my H/J roots doing eventing and such :)

    Riding, Painting, Gardening


    Equine & Pet Portrait Artist​
    "Fancy That" '99 15.3 Liver Flaxen​
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