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Jun 13, 2014
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Jun 13, 2014
    1. Ittakes2totango
      Thanks. :) I'm ok today. Thank you. :D
    2. canadiancharlie
      haha Yeah we defineatley are sisters :P I'll add you in two seconds when my computer decides to let me on FB -_-
      Joe's good, we both went out on weds and rode, too cold for saddles so we rode bareback. They both looked real cute together lol!
      We've had Fanta for 2 weeks now(?). But we've known her for 3 years, taken care of her on a regular basis for 2years I think?
    3. canadiancharlie
      Hehe Thanks so much!!
      You have my sister on Fb right?
      I'm sure you've seen lots of pics of her already :P And obviously more to come lol!
    4. tryintofly
      Im good! You? I am I lovee fall weather! Its great! I went to my first event yesterday!! I did good! I got 42 total points for 2nd place!:woot!: Its good! How about collage? Me too! I want some turkey! Yeah! Not fair i only get 3 days:eek2: Im gonna ride and do some family stuff!:D
    5. horseinsane101
      Absolutely! :D
    6. horseinsane101
      Lizzie's living area is rather rough- we have her field that she lives in with free access to the barn and we have a fenced in field we ride in. I just lunge her in her field, so she gets some nice long runs in! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to make a difference if I lunge her before I ride, she's still crazy! :rolleyez:
    7. horseinsane101
      Hi there! Liz and I are pretty good. We've been having pretty nice weather lately, usually in the mid 60's. I'm really busy with school (college apps :eek2:) so I've really only been riding her on the weekends. She's so hyper! When I don't have time to ride during the week, I free lunge her. Does Diana get really hyper in the cooler weather too?
    8. CabterCrazy
      Okay :) I pm'd you back and sent you a request on facebook :)
    9. Ittakes2totango
      Haha send it east how bout that.:D Oh my I bet that was super fun!:) That is a good thing. How is Diana's arthritis? I think you mentioned something about powdered bute for it? Or am I thinking of something else. Oh your lucky. I wish we could get our fence up.:/ We are baleing have in 2 weeks 900 square bales to be pitched. But then maybe we can get ours up.:p I bet so! I know I would be.:wink: I agree life hugh? If only the world revolved around two things God and Horses.:rofl: Thanks I need all I can get.:rolleyes: Well last time I saw her she was really chipper. Not sure about lately though. She seems to have good and bad days but hopefully we can pull her through the holidays.:)
      Have a lovely evening and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!
    10. Ittakes2totango
      Howdy. Things are goin'. They are indeed.:D Oh thank you I love that thing.:) Well I have been riding some and doing homework and trying to get my stupid math grade up to a B instead of a C.:/ I am glad to hear everything is going preety well.:D Ahh... Don't you love it when their irritable;). Oh that is true. Can you send some of that rain my way?:p
      So how have you been?
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    Michigan, USA
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    My horse is my best friend. Whenever I need her she's always there, and she never lets me down. Horses may step on your feet sometimes, but it's people who step on your heart. Horses just leave a gentle hoofprint there.
    I have one horse and eventually would like to get training to become a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor. I've just begun college and am majoring in veterinary technology.

    horseback riding, reading, drawing, playing violin, piano, crocheting, spending time with my horse, taking lots of pictures...:)


    "Horses may step on your feet sometimes, but it's people who step on your heart. Horses just leave a gentle hoofprint there." :horseon2:
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