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Oct 2, 2014
    1. Mrs.Preggers
      I should get better conformation pictures of her, but their on my camera and I lost my cord:( but ill try to get some with my moms iphone.
      Its kinda hard to see how much weight she has gained through the pictures but thanks for noticing! the shine to her coat gives it away,lol.
      But I switched her off of purina and put her on Dumor Equistages, which has low starch and high fat in it and she does better on it. I give her 5 flakes a day of Timothy/Orchard grass hay.
      Ive learned so much over these past months. and Ill add you! You should be able to see my video of me barrel racing on my wall.
    2. Mrs.Preggers
      I still have Cody but I sold Christopher, the Clydesdale, to a guy who trains them and shows them. I just got an email from him not to long ago saying that he has a very special bond with him and he is already pulling carts and he is going to train him to ride. Im glad that I gave him to this guy because he has a better life now and is being used for something unlike being a house pet when i had him. Cody is retired due to his joints, but he is a **** and healthy old man!lol
    3. Mrs.Preggers
      Im doing okay. I just have been really busy with school work and the horses. Ive joined 4H drill team and ive been doing that. I just put up an update thread not to long ago with pictures of Teddy.
    4. Mrs.Preggers
      If you PM me I will show you them.
      I dont want to share them with the world because she has lost 200 pounds over the winter and I am embarrased about her weight.
      I am adding more weight on her as we speak!
    5. Mrs.Preggers
      Teddys gallop is very smooth its like running on a cloud!lol
    6. Mrs.Preggers
      WOW!Does she ride english?
      I ride Western and galloping is actually very fun and smooth than on a english saddle where you have to stick your bum in the air!lol
      Your probably thinking the same thing about western style riding :p
      I galloped Teddy today and she was amazing!
    7. Mrs.Preggers
      Thank you.
      Christopher is having fun and acting goofy(in a good way) because we switched all 3 of them to the front pasture.
      Cody is losing his winter coat and is turning Palomino all over!LOL, he has spots of white fur and spots of palomino fur.
    8. Mrs.Preggers
      I had a scare last night with Teddy because she chocked on her grain.
      I was so scared of losing her and I was crying for forever.
      Teddy is okay now. She is eating grass and doing fine.
    9. westerngirl14
      hey! Thanks for the add... so glad to be friends! I adore your profile picture! :)
    10. Mrs.Preggers
      Thank you(:
      Christopher is my only horse that love's the snow, Cody and Teddybear hate the snow with a passion!
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    TB and Connemara Pony
    hey im Erin i love horses and motorcycles. i just graduated HS and now want to become a farrier


    marabsky : "I doubt someone specifically chose a fine wooly specimen mare and said "THERE! That is *exactly* what we need to break those track records""
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