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Feb 6, 2012
Jan 5, 2011
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The farm, VA
Horse Mom AKA Barn Servant

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Feb 6, 2012
    1. cowgirl up 2
      cowgirl up 2
      I have three other horses and love them all dearly,however Hank was the one I rode my daughter uses the others.maybe with time I will try to find another.the problem is to be in the posse you need a horse.
    2. Baylily
      Are you still alive?! I just realized I haven't seen a post from you in ages! Hope all is well, and big hugs to the ponies! :)
    3. kcjervis12
      Hi, please pm me about the bit we were going to trade.
    4. My Bida Booger
      My Bida Booger
      Did you get pics of the lime green halter yet????
    5. Aponi06
      I might have to skip on the saddle unless I can do a fitting. Tried on two saddles tonight and they both slip. I do not need this ****! :(
    6. Bushwac
      Love reading and watching your videos! Please keep posting! Cheers! Wish I could buy you that Jameson shot! :)
    7. Bushwac
      Check out my new pic of Cooper! He came home this week after 5 weeks of off site training. Only got to see him once a week. I'm glad he is home.
    8. xoxchickletxox
      Lol thx! And awww thhat kinnda sux. Sadly not related to chicklet :( lol close because its the write breed :p i just saw the ima part and got excited lol

      Thx again :)
    9. xoxchickletxox
      Hey, on a thread u said somthing about your old horse ima dash, i was wonderingif that was the reg name? Also whats her breed and peedegre if u know. Sorry about all the questions, but iv been on a surch to find my mares foal :) thx!
    10. uncanny580
      It is!! She's so happy againa and I think the surgeon really likes her because all he does is feed her!
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    The farm, VA
    Horse Mom AKA Barn Servant
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    Own 3.
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    TB, TBxKiger, BLM Mustang
    Free Entry:
    Alarm rings *Groan, snooze* Dog licks face "OKAY!"
    Feed dog and cat, pull on the barn clothes, redo my pony tail, grab my boots and hike up to the barn before I've even had my coffee. Feed horsies first. Then me. That's how just about every morning starts here for me.

    In exchange for the room I have, I take care of and work with a 13yo Haflinger who sat a little too long in the field, and his son. The 8yo 'whoopsie' that happened before the Haffy was gelded by previous owners, involving a TWH mare.

    I do morning chores at, depending on the day, three barns. Am in charge of the every day work that goes into taking care of the farm I live on, as well as continuing my two charges' training.
    Generally covered head to toe in dirt, sweat and bliss from the work that goes into running a farm and still somehow manage to ride the horses I bust my tail to feed.

    Reading, writing, napping, eating. Horses are more than a hobby or interest.


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    ~I feel the need. The need for steed!~
    Proud Mama of a BLM Mustang, an OTTB and a Kiger Sporthorse
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