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Mar 18, 1956 (Age: 63)
Minnesota (rural area)
former secretary, now homemaker

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Jun 26, 2011
    1. KatieinOjai
      Hi Dusty,

      Greetings from the Mountains of Southern California. I came across your post regarding foundation type horses and the difficulties with fitting saddles and would love your advice or any suggestions.

      We recently purchased a seven year old QH mare from Montanna and we absolutely love her. Unfortunately I have tried many many saddles and none work. We trail ride all over on very steep terrain at times and the saddles slip forward and back significantly - not resolved though helped by double sided non-slip pad. I am realizing the slipping is just a symptom of the poor fit and the impact on our new girl.

      After much trial and error and many saddles, sore withers, we contacted Tucker. While they would fit her in a wide (surprisingly not extra wide which I'm using now and has worked the best) her back of 21 in is too short for their shortest tree of 23 in. They referred us to their treeless saddle.

      Do you have any thoughts?

      Thank you very much in advance.

    2. trish12
      Happy birthday!!!!!!
    3. xoxchickletxox
      ahaha im from south western ontario :P, the place were i am is actually my back yard :D LOL
    4. JStorry
      It's great that you gave to confidence to do that! Not everyone is willing. The saying 'no foot, no horse' making trimming pretty terrifying for some.
    5. JStorry
      My boyfriend and I have decided that I am now doing our horses feet. My Dad is a farrier so I know enough anyway, heck I put my first shoes on a horse when I was 12.

      It's frustrating when you pay for something and then look at it and say 'I can do better'.
    6. JStorry
      Yeah, they sure can! Sometimes I can be a little too critical of farriers, I need to learn to chill
    7. Goonhorse
      I was just thinking about emailing you this morning! Actually, I think about it a lot, but obviously it hasn't been done.

      No thank you, you can keep the cold there! It's plenty cold enough for me in the teens during the day. Actually, it's supposed to be 28° here today and 30° tomorrow! Yay! We may overheat! :D
    8. QtrHrsMomma
      Hey thanks for the idea - its really only bad when he is in his stall - he is one of those that just wont leave his stall... if he is in an outside paddock with shelter he moves around alot more... Ill def. give the MSM a try though... do you just use a maintenance dose?
    9. barrel_racer64
      Hey Pat!

      I was just thinking about you yesterday, and when I got on here this morning I thought to myself I should send Pat a message and wha-la, there you were. Sorry I didn't know you had to post on the other person's page. I'm a blonde what can I say. :)

      Sounds like things are going pretty well for you. Talk about a blizzard, we've probably gotten around a foot give or take an inch or two. Its all wet and heavy though so its packed down into about 7-8 inches now. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving too. How are your horses doing? Are you done riding for the winter? Tex just got back from being out at college with me so he's pretty happy to be getting some pasture time.

      Love ya too
    10. Outlaws_Gunn
      Hello back! lol.
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    Mar 18, 1956 (Age: 63)
    Minnesota (rural area)
    former secretary, now homemaker
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    My passion, other than my love for Jesus, is my love of horses. I enjoy long trail rides, especially in the forests of Minnesota, with my husband and friends. A beautiful fall day spent riding my horse out on a quiet trail is my idea of heaven on earth.
    Horse crazy, what else can I say?

    gardening, baking, trail riding
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