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Oct 4, 2012
    1. miss machine
      miss machine
      He is a hero and I appreciate the sacrifices you and your family must go through by being apart. Party time when he comes back home :) I will be wishing your family well until he gets here
    2. miss machine
      miss machine
      Do I see camys in that profile picture? If so, tell yourself or your loved one thank you for everything that they do. :) My husband is active duty USMC, I can see camys a mile away.
    3. oldhorsehome
    4. Appylvr
      Thank you for defending me... I was just looking for trolls and clicked on that goodhorsense page. From the description it's pretty clear she was talking about me. I may be a pet horse owner and I see nothing wrong with that... but I want to know anyone that could have rode with a knee as bad as mine. I should have went to the doctor for it and I know I'll pay for it when I'm older, but that is none of her business. What does she care what I do with my horses? They're fat and happy... more than most peoples.

      I'm so mad at myself. I tried to give her bad rep twice and both stinkin times I forgot to click the I disapprove button, so I ended up adding to the little ******* reputation.:mad:

      But I just wanted to say thanks again. It made me feel better seeing what you wrote.
    5. oldhorsehome
      Awwwww. One day I well get up your way and work cattle with you! I'll pick up Jenje! and drag her along with me too.
    6. Trace
      aww thanks - I love you too. xoxoxoxoxox
    7. Jenje!
      Woman! You are NOT on my "waste of time" list. :P I'm just horribly squirrelly and hard to pin down for things like this. I loff you!
    8. Faster Horses
      Faster Horses
      I answered your question about the dairy cows! I even added a few more pictures for fun. :)
    9. Rain
      Oh Jack! He looks so happy :) Btw, beautiful pictures. I was admiring the first one on FB earlier
    10. Endorphins4u2
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    Feb 15, 1968 (Age: 50)
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