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Jan 10, 2017
Nov 13, 2002
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Jun 7, 1983 (Age: 33)

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Senior Member, 33, from Tennessee

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Jan 10, 2017
    1. harli36
      Hey Dawn,

      I have the babywearing information ready for you but your pm box is full. There is a LOT of info I may have to send it in a few pm's. Sorry :o
    2. OwnerofWillow
      How have you been? Do you still own that little mustang? I know you were working on getting some weight on him and getting him trained.
    3. LifeIsGrand
      LOL! That's a first! Fixed!
    4. crayon
      Oooh, a wedding! Congratulations! And hopefully the weather will brighten up for you soon so you can get some riding time in too!
    5. crayon
      Thanks for the message! Crayon has been doing pretty well lately! I've really plan on getting her to some local/4-H shows this year, so I bought an older Wintec CC that's working out pretty well so far. Although the weather went from nice and sunny and almost 80 degrees to rather dark and chilly. I'm sure Crayon won't mind a couple days off though. I have a really hard time getting myself outside to tack up and ride when it's cold! :p How've you and your horse(s) been? :D
    6. jordanna114
      That's kind of what I figured. Thanks!!:)
    7. jordanna114
      Hey lady, I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind lending your nutrition expertise- in regards to daily caloric intake and overall health/nutrition for a hardkeeping senior, is there any advantage to feeding beet pulp versus just adding another pound of senior feed? My horse is getting daily 5lbs of Triple Crown Senior and 1lb of beet pulp, but the cost of a 40lb bag of beet pulp just shot up from $10 to $17! So I'm wondering if I should just do 6lbs of Senior now and cut out the beet pulp? (for additional info, he's on pasture 24/7 with additional grass/mix hay thrown out)
    8. kaya842
      Few questions about RB.
      Were *hopefully* switching to a RB soon, but I just bought a bucket of Source, would the RB+the Source be too much?

      For our hard keepers I was thinking of using rice bran or BOSS, which has more calories?

      Thanks!!!! :D
    9. MiakodaAPBT
    10. plunky
      Question! I have 2 senior horses & the vet told me to put them on Purina Senior, which they've been on for several years now. They both seem to be doing good on it but I've seen a lot of people on here saying that sweet feed is terrible. :( Are RB's good for senior horses too? Or are there RB's for specially made for senior horses?

      34 year old is a TWH mix, does light trail riding at a walk about 2 times a week. He's 15.1 hands & currently on 2 lbs Senior, twice daily. Gets about 10 lbs coastal bermuda hay twice daily & on sparse pasture about 10 hours a day. 20 year old is a QH, does light arena work & trail riding about 4 times a week. He's 15.3 hands, gets 1 lb Senior twice daily & about 10 lbs hay twice daily. He is kept on a dry lot & gets to graze with my other horse for about 4 hours (at the most) but wears a grazing muzzle all the time while on grass.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!
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