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Aug 2, 2011
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moving around
semi-retired/self-employed breeder

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    1. gluey33
      good to see you here CCH. Hope you can get stuff sorted out.:)
    2. BoldRuler1
      Im in Washington, I will give it a thought and get back to you, I might wait till next year to breed her so I can get her into some show this year
    3. BoldRuler1
      I like him alot, very nice color and conformation, what is his stud fee?
    4. cowgirl up 2
      cowgirl up 2
      sorry that things are tough for you right now if there was a way I could help I would
    5. GingersMum
    6. emali06
      Forgot to tell you this but when I pmed you earlier, I wrote 'cowcoloredhorse' instead of your actual name. I was confused when it didn't go through! haha
    7. Big West
      Big West
      Memories imprinted in your Garndson's life forever. I'm pleased you could share such a treasured moment with him.
      My Grandfather was a Guide and a Saddle Bronc Rider, who woulda guessed?
      We've a pile of wild horses here in AB too, sound about the same as yours, some ARE wild, some are domestic turned wild. I see them alot during the winter when I'm out lion hunting with the hounds. Some of the big Tom Cats love the taste of horse.
      Still wishing I were closer so I could buy a colt or two outta your bloodlines, I have no doubt in my mind what you're raising.
    8. Big West
      Big West
      Well young Lady. you crossed my mind while I was in the back country the past couple of days. I hope all is well for you in the dry country.
    9. 2spotslast
      Hiya CCH! From one of the BW beeches, lol. Tell you who over there. I'm incognito here.
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    Home Page:
    moving around
    semi-retired/self-employed breeder
    Number of horses:
    none at present
    Long time RN/horse breeder/trainer/dog breeder. Born overseas, raised in military family, traveled all over.

    Reading, needlework (various kinds), writing, photography, astronomy, cooking


    Robertson's Colored Tumbleweed Ranch
    Imports, Exports,
    Wholesale, Retail, Custom Orders
    "When God gives you tumbleweeds, make topiaries".....Dumbjockey 2013​
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