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Aug 14, 2012
    1. MyLeah_PRE
      I saw that you had posted about Aztecas in a recent thread - I have 3, if you have any questions about them :) They are wonderful horses!
    2. Royal_Alexia
      Unfortunately, we're moving next Saturday! Not far, just 4 miles to a friend's house (helping her out while she's pregnant). But I should still be at Wendy's in the morning! : )

      And I still plan on taking lessons with Wendy myself, so hopefully I'll get to see you again! I know what you mean about the forum! Take everything with a grain of salt! Unless Wendy says it; then it's the truth! ; )

      And I totally get timid. Unless it's about horses! I can babble about horses! As someone who's didn't get on a horse till I was 17 (in group lessons with 8 year olds!), and then had to beg and borrow most of what I've learned, I'm sorta horse obsessed! : P Feel free to shoot me an email sometime (; I'm part of a riding club that does a lot of activities (quiz nights, lectures, funshows, etc) that might interest you. : ) Very low-key, family-orientated/non-competitive, horse obsessed! . : )

      Hope you had a great lesson! : )
    3. Royal_Alexia
      ...sorry, this just dawned on me when I was driving home from the barn yesterday...

      You wouldn't happen to be the new rider at Wendy's would you?? I'm the one with the white-blazed brown horse in blanket! : )
    4. Teekin
      you haven't been on much, are you OK? I see you know Donnybrook. I have not seen him go in years, the last time I saw him go was about 5 years ago and he was a wreck. Hard to believe this was once an I1 horse in Germany huh? Oh well. Ridden incorrectly and not managed properly. He deserved better.
      If you want to ride or just do something with horses, and I DO NOT give a Hoot about your weight, let me know. Think about it, how much do some of the guys who bull dog steers wiegh?
    5. horsegal301
      Just saw you posted on my page about riding aside - were you still interested?
    6. Baylily
      Of course!! Sedona and I live by ourselves, so we need more horsey friends!!! :)
    7. Jinba ittai
      Jinba ittai
      Yeah, she was helping me find a horse until I snapped up Ms. Siren.

      That's pretty pricey for lessons where you learn nothing off the horse - I don't blame you for finding another barn.
    8. Jinba ittai
      Jinba ittai
      Also, have you met "Teekin"? She's a member on here that is from the 'Peg. She might be able to help...
    9. Jinba ittai
      Jinba ittai
      Yeah, that's for sure. How much is a lesson there??
    10. Jinba ittai
      Jinba ittai
      It should be exciting! Are you still in Winnipeg??
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    Hello, I'm Chloe. I'm 27 and just learning how to ride. I've already fallen off once so I'm pretty sure I'm headed for excellence

    Asian horror movies, true crime books, Bollywood music, bizarre British comedy, and art


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