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Moms Dane watches wild turkeys out a window. A deer ran by close & she leaned more toward the window, like "Holy ****, what was that??" Feb 10, 2016

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Feb 16, 2019
    1. Puddincup
      Just wanted to pick your brain and see what dog food you would recommend for a Great Dane. Just not loving the dog food he is on now and want to switch it up!
    2. CJ
      Moms Dane watches wild turkeys out a window. A deer ran by close & she leaned more toward the window, like "Holy ****, what was that??"
    3. Endorphins4u2
      Haro..genkidesu ka?
    4. CJ
      Hey whats the fine for jay-running a five lane intersection against the light? Man thats one brave- if not bright- deer! *no harm done, he just went 'scuse me/pardon me' under a new red and kept going into the woods. Theyre colorblind apparently.
    5. Super Step
      Super Step
      It sounds like the doe is lacking minerals. She may be nursing as well. I keep loose mineral out. A small mineral block would probably help.

      I have seen deer eating the Safe Guard dewormer blocks put out for cattle. Kind of expensive though for just one deer. I wonder where she has been feeding before she found your place?
      We have had them eat shrubs but not tomato plants. Since she is rib by then she may have a taste for anything green. I hope she puts on weight soon or winter might be a long one for her.
      Nice to hear from you CJ.
    6. CJ
      All bets placed...? The deer ran off shortly after. That must be one tough tom... deer had no horns so I guess it felt unarmed. The TNRs are a few left from a huge rescued colony. I had the vacant runin at the time and rescue had not enough room for all the cages so 15+ were mustered in the shed. They were resorted and about 6 unadopted/ables were let loose. We see 3 routinely, and 1 stray freeloader lol. Grey has recently decided its ok for us to touch him, even pet him.
    7. Super Step
      Super Step
      That must have been neat to witness. I can picture that happening in my mind. You have left us hanging..:)..who won the standoff?

      Were the nutered cats feral cats? We have a lot of feral cats. You have my curiosity up on that part as well.
      Thank you for sharing the deer/cat scene. I did not know you lived rural enough for deer.
    8. CJ
      My house is in rural area, so its not unusual to see deer in the yard. 2 came out the other day while I was in the house, in a field around the runin shed whose grass is from hay gone to seed. The runin also is shelter & food station to a couple TNR (trapd/ neuter/ released) cats. A grey x-tom was eating dry food in front of the runin, and I saw the deer go over, eye him, and stamp a couple times. Cat hunkered down over the food, fluffed its tail & eyed the deer like "Its so-not happening, so back off Bambi!"
      Size difference made standoff kind of amazing & amusing to watch. I got a pic on my phone but it has to be blown up to be really visible.
    9. CJ
      Whew that was Close! Hurricane Sandys eye passed 2 counties south of me!
    10. trish12
      Happy birthday
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    Aug 2, 1965 (Age: 53)
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