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Sep 5, 2005
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lost in a fog
What ever needs doing

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    1. ringo24
      Hi Chester it has been ages all good up her in my new state
    2. Arem
      I think I could be game for that sometime :D Ix likes learning about stuff from other places, their foods, and whatnot and he isn't picky. I can get away with it I think. :p
    3. ellygraceee
      I find the head office are usually really good to deal with. They were so helpful last year when I was organizing my C levels because the club I was in was pretty hopeless. I find that happens a lot around here though - people get caught doing something dodgy and then just blame it on PCAQ.

      Hopefully that horse works out. :) There are some really nice ones around, they just all seem to be down south at the moment.

      It works out to be around $500 to pay up front, which would be a really great price if I was working a proper job - teaching clarinet and singing lessons pay well but I don't have the time at the moment to do more than a handful of lessons a week.
      1. Chester
        Aug 10, 2015
    4. ellygraceee
      She sounds pretty flat out then :) That's great. I saw your thread on looking for a horse for the boss' daughter. If I see anything I'll let you know - I live on Facebook groups while I'm procrastinating uni work.

      Wow, that would have made me so mad. Gotta love Pony Club personalities... Kinda glad I didn't go last year then.

      I'm calling PCAQ on Monday to talk to them about insurance. If I can pay it off month by month I'll be right, but I can't afford to pay it all upfront. I need to talk to them about my K certificate too, because the certificate book is different to the requirements on the website.
    5. ellygraceee
      That's good. :) Is Chick still working with horses and are you guys still in Pony Club? I saw the pictures of your laundry - it looks awesome! Pony Club has been pretty great this year - I switched to CValley pony club and they're one of the best clubs I've been in. I'm hoping to start coaching privately as soon as I can sort out insurance. I'm not competing anymore, so I'm not riding EA or doing the show circuit.
    6. Arem
      Thank you :D
    7. ellygraceee
      Hey Chester :) Things are pretty great - it's nice to be really back in the horse world. How are you, Chick and the horses going?
    8. dumbjockey
      Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!
    9. Pony123
      I just PMed them.
    10. CrazyHorse
      Oops! Clearing them now :)
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    lost in a fog
    What ever needs doing
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