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May 3, 2015
    1. NakotasGirl
      haha yea, sometimes cause he only becomes scary gary when he is having trouble with his girlfriend
    2. NakotasGirl
      turned out he likes me haha last time I worked with him I finaly got tired of the way he was treating me so when we were outside taking down umbrelas I turned and looked at him and said "So I'm guesing that you really realy hate me right?" and he looked at me and said "What?" and then he burst out laughing and said "no, I dont hate you." and then he laughed at me some more for thinking that he did and then the rest of the night he was making fun of me because I thought he hated me so yea it was fun and now im gonna enjoy working with him :)
    3. NakotasGirl
      I love my job but oh my goodness if I have to work with the other manager Gary again, Im gonna shoot myself (not being seriose but he drives me crazy fur shur) he is soooo mean and rude, his nickname is Scary Gary and if you have to work with him, you would understand why. I love working with Chris so much more because hes sponaniose, outgoing, funny, sweet, hot, and know when he has to be seriose :l
    4. NakotasGirl
      Oh my goodnes, first day at work I stay for two shifts wich was for 13 hours, so that how long i was on my feet for!!!! it was so much fun though and I loved it cause my manager is like so chill and awsome but the second one intimidates me oh and everybody is like so nice. oh and like the two guys that i was working with where flirting with me all day!!!!!!! XD
    5. NakotasGirl
      I know, I'm not as worried as i would usualy be because im going to be there for him
    6. NakotasGirl
      Yea, well at least ill be able to concentrate on Nutawa and get her weight back down
    7. NakotasGirl
      I'm not sure but the vet says that it can lead to cancer if we dont get it out of him as soon as possible
    8. NakotasGirl
      found out that I cant work with Nakota for a couple of months becouse of his eye :(
    9. Rumonek
      Good. Vet comming out Thursday and Farrier comming out Friday- busy week! The little 150+ pound pup, who was a male and being called Beucefus is actually a GIRL!
    10. NakotasGirl
      haha thank you, yea they love to play like that all the time
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