Jul 30, 2007
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    1. hezadlux
      Probably not going to the show.. I have alot to do.. Arnold doesnt really look good. Good luck and let me know how you do..
    2. hezadlux
      Well Arnold wouldnt really eat or drink for a day and half then with traveling he lost some weight.. He placed 3rd... The judging wasnt that great.. But oh well.. I am totally in love with Packer.. He is such a nice horse.. Arnold was being mean in the trailer and kicked him.. Luckly didnt hurt him.. He broke on of the slants so now it wont shut.. Other then that I had a great time.. Just have to get my trailer fixed... Did you got to the Paint show? If so how did you do?
    3. HCO
      I am good i am stressed out cause my sister is getting married November 7 and we are trying to get everything together and it is very stressful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    4. bnttyra
      Thanks! That is Dusty our stallion and one of the bloodhound puppies. They are so cute! I have one that is always trying to take the horses for walks by picking up the leadropes!

      We have been very busy and I think it is starting to wear on me but I will come out ok. How are you?
    5. HCO
      I love your profile picture of the horse and puppy it is so cute!!!!!!! and how are you doing?
    6. Berlunz
      We did okay, western is not really Bon's thing I just take him for the experience and to help out the club. The trail course was probably our worst, the warm up area to the side was partially hidden by trees so horses kept appearing from behind the trees and it spooked Bon a few times but this was only his second time on trail and considering he didnt spook at anything on the trail course itself I was happy. In the pleasure we got all 3rds I believe which is good to me considering the people beating me were my instructor and one of the girls that came with the judge. In the horsemanship Bon was tired he hadnt been drinking properly so I just did my last class and skipped the last chance because he was getting really tired. I plan to go to the SAAHA at J-six (especially since its much closer than the last SAAHA) and I believe my instructor and her barn will be coming as well.
    7. hezadlux
      Let me know when you ride in the english saddle.. It is so comfy..
    8. paintgal6
      good afternoon, I was wonderiong if you still have those Hobby Horse shirts for sale? the medium would fit my daughter great. could you please let me know what you have left and how much for each one? thanks
    9. bnttyra
      We are good! I am taking 2 of them to a small show this weekend and doing our first reining class! Ya, too hot to even be out in the middle of the day. We will be done until the fall as well but then should be hitting some of the bigger shows and expect to be seeing you at some.
    10. hezadlux
      Hows the girls doing? I am taking Arnold to Blue Ribbon last show for the summer..Thank God.. It is to hot. Hope all is well..
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