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May 8, 2014
Oct 15, 2003
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Apr 1, 1978 (Age: 40)
Augusta, Kansas
College Instructor - Business and Economics, Agric

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Blistering Winds

Senior Member+, 40, from Augusta, Kansas

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May 8, 2014
    1. Shandyhorse
      Happy birthday
    2. cowgirl up 2
    3. Sandra-A1
      :) Hello!
      It is super to see you back on the forum!
      I sure did miss seeing your postings! :D

      :) Sandra
    4. ParkedOut
      Happy Birthday! :D I hope you're having a BEST DAY EVER!
    5. Haas Horse Farm
      Haas Horse Farm
      Thanks... I had a great time. We have to do it again soon.
    6. Blistering Winds
      Blistering Winds
      maryelizabeth.... i would love to read about your research further. Many things change as research comes out. too much protein in majority of horses is not usually the cause of scratches and many skin/tissue related medical issues. Majority of protein is filtered out. if the kidneys aren't working right, then you have a different medical issue that is not directly food related... But I will go and read what you wrote. I am always learning and information is always changing from one day to the next. So there is no need for "concern" considering what was FACT 10 years ago is OMG DON"T DO IT today. :D
    7. maryelizabeth
      Blistering Wind - some years ago you wrote that too much protein in a horses diet does not cause skin issues, hive like bumps. I am going to disagree with you in a big way. I have written a in-depth response within that particular thread, you should take a read, since, by your information provided, you state you are a nutritional consultant. That gives me cause for concern. I am not trying to be rude, but too much protein in a horses diet causes many many problems; one being scratches and other skin/tissue related medical issues.
    8. Shikoika
      Hey, I'm trying to re-fire up Spiritual Riders. Care to post some more and help me get it going again? :)
    9. sarah-jayne-1
      hey i saw that you had put a post on about human pregnancy tests on horses, i am currently studying in England and im doing my final year degree dissertation on wheter human pregnancy test work on horses, i saw that you had commented about the receptor sites and differences in the hormones, are there any good journals or website you could recommend for me to look at so that i can get more knowledge of this for my work.
      Thank you
    10. Solsalia
      HEY THERE! Thought I would give you a HOWDY! Hope all is well, love your smilin face! :D
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    Apr 1, 1978 (Age: 40)
    Augusta, Kansas
    College Instructor - Business and Economics, Agric
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    1-Appendix Quarter horse, 2-Foundation Quarter Horse, 1-Appaloosa, 1-Shetland Pony, 1-Rescue Grade Quarter Horse
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    I have a passion for horses that runs deep!

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