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    1. Benelli
      Can you please lock or delete my thread in the breeding forum about my Tb mare. I've gotten some rude messages and ratings. Thank you. If not I'm contemplating leaving. I love this fourm and want to stay but I suffer with chronic depression and can't handle these rude comments. Thank you so much.
    2. sorrell
      I have gotten about five negative reps in the last month, all for things i did not think I really deserved to be dinged for. One was actually removed by a moderator without my saying anything, but it seems to have gotten abusive lately and I can't help but wonder what is going on.
      I am very opinionated, but I don't think I attack others or encourage bad behaviors, just give alternative insight. I could be wrong and I can live with that, but please investigate if you will.
      I love that this board is kept clean and monitored, but am beginning to tire of the rude people who think only their opinion is law and all who oppose will be silenced. I feel bullied and am sure others do to. Please help...sorrell
    3. pest 357
      pest 357
      It seems I upset someone today and got a bad mark. .?? For the life of me I don't know who or what ?? How do I find out ? Also how do I find your answer ? Thank you in Advance pest 357
    4. CloseByFarm
      Hi Belle,
      Your name says moderator, I don't know if you can help me, I have placed a thread under the wrong category, how can I move it?

      :o I am new at this
    5. PoFoSho
      Just saw that your birthday is March 7th! MINE TOO! What a coincidence lol :P
    6. cazteach
      Thanks so much Belle4! :bow:
    7. luckysable
      I'm having trouble posting a new thread here . It won't let me put more than a title in & I can't write a message . What am I doing wrong ?
    8. Barrel-Racer17
      hey! are you from michigan? I watched your horse show video and it looks just like the arena in Gaylord, Michigan..
    9. cowgurly02
    10. FredsMom
      Why are the envelope icons next to the posts blue for some, red or gray?
      Why does my thread not show up under new posts, only in the breeding section?
      Thanks for your help!
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    (from my friend Sandra)
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