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    1. ChestersMomma
      My response is that none of this makes you seem more qualified for the adult section!

      For cripes sake girl! If you've been deemed appropriate, you're accepted in. If not, you're not accepted in. There is a long waiting period and not everyone is allowed in. What's so difficult?!
    2. ChestersMomma
      I didn't feel the need to respond.
    3. HayleyS
      Of course! :) And I happen to love that emoticon!
    4. .Delete.
      YASSS! I can't wait to see it!
    5. .Delete.
      There is noooo doubt about it
    6. Lopinslow
      Thank you!
    7. .Delete.
      You're too sweet :D
    8. .Delete.
      Try a semi, it will do more damage and you're less likely to survive.
    9. Charliemyheart
      Your inbox is full
    10. Ittakes2totango
      Well thank you. This was very encouraging to hear! :) He is bracing. I worked on that this evening. I prefer the higher head carriage. Your avatar looks great by the way! It is frustrating- hearing over and over his head is high for breed standards. I know that. I mean he's no world champ but I think he's doing well for how much I've ridden him, 16 times now, maybe. :) It's nearly impossible to achieve the perfection it seems.
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    I have a breeding stock paint mare that is a finished cutter, has some NCHA earnings, don't do cutting anymore- got to be pretty expensive and the travelling is too much.
    I own a 3 year old overo that we bred and raised, I have done 100% of his training and this year he was shown in english pleasure and western, showmanship and all that, and he did very well! Very talented horse.
    We have a saddlebred show pleasure gelding that my grandma drives and I ride!
    Live in Alberta, love to show!

    Just horses!


    Your advice didn't make sense. You won't "hit" a horse, but you'll "tap" them, but not until you've gotten a "life" and have physically smacked yourself with a rope. -thank you JINBA :charge:
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