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    1. PaintedCavalry
      Hey, trying to get ahold of you. Your PM box is full so I tried emailing you with the email address you provided.
    2. glideride
      Hey there! Just looked back on some of your recent posts....loved the pics you put on the "show me your show horse pics"...very nice!

      Also wanted to add from your newest thread, I am sure you will be just fine with gaining your horses attention....just takes time, and I know we are all so short on that...but you will get there!
    3. Dusty1979
      Hi again :)

      Horses are doing fine. Had to take them off the Kent ration balancer - they were getting way too fat! Initially put them on the rb because of the terrible quality hay we had to buy last year because of the drought here. Guess our hay is "super" hay or something because since starting them back on our hay, they have just been gaining and gaining. Not so terribly bad going into winter, but I really needed to nip it in the butt! LOL

      The temps are decent enough here today and tomorrow for riding, but the footing conditions are just too dangerous in my opinion. Add that to the fact that the ground is HARD this time of year. Actually, it's getting harder and harder ANY time of the year! LOL If the fools would mind their p's and q's and not act foolish I would go for it. But, this is how Keith broke his leg many years ago, so I guess that made us extra cautious about riding in the winter. Just not worth it.
    4. Dusty1979
      Hi Angela,

      I came here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and found your note to me! LOL You need to leave it on MY page for me to see it otherwise I won't know you left me a message - silly gal!! LOL

      So anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! :) Sounds like we're in for another storm. MN had ice here late Saturday and Sunday. Luckily our area wasn't hit too hard, although we did have to "inch" our way to church on Sunday. HA We're staying home for Thanksgiving. In fact, I think I'm going to make the turkey dinner tomorrow instead of waiting until Thursday. That way I can enjoy the day some instead of spending it all in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up. The left overs are usually better anyway! LOL

      So, just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. Thanks for getting back to me, even if I didn't find it until today! LOL Happy to hear your life is going well too. As I like to say these days though, I don't look too close and all's well! ;)

      Love ya, Pat
    5. barrel_racer64
      Haha, how are you doing Pat? I saw that I had a notification and you were the first person that popped into my head. Sounds like your rain forgot about moderation in all things. Glad to hear things are going pretty good although a little wet. I'll have to take a look at your pictures.

      Everything is going pretty well for me. I am riding a gelding for one of my neighbors, so I have him and Tex at school with me. Tex is doing well enough that I actually put my friend that hasn't ridden since 8th grade on him. They did really well together.
    6. Dusty1979
      Just wanted to stop by and say "Hi"! :) Hope everything is going well in your world. We are receiving SO much rain here today. Water is sitting where it has never sat before! LOL We had four days of riding "up north" last week but this weekend - again - is a bust. I posted a few pictures if you want to take a look. :)
    7. mamaalwaysrides
      would love to know you better, cant tell you how much your response to my post encouraged me, that even with a broken back, there is hope in riding again, again thanks for sharing your story about your back
    8. cowgirl up 2
      cowgirl up 2
      there is a ranch that sells pmu foals nice lookin horses..deerhorn ranch...
    9. barrel_racer64
      Jess, I learned it out of the book by Linda Tellington-Jones called Understanding and Influencing your Horse's Personality. I still refer to it quite frequently if I am unsure about remembering a trait. Hope that helps.
    10. horse_lover1996
      Hi, would you be able to help me please. i have read your topic on horses personality and i would liike to learn how to tell a horses personality. could you please help me out

      thanks jess
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