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Jun 27, 2013
    1. atabal
      you are welcome Lyre! i hope they stay up because they are such a great reference ! :0)
    2. Lyre
      Atabal, watching the second "symposium" video at the moment. It's just so lovely to see horses being ridden that way, and it's a great visualisation for me to see. Thank you for directing me to them :)
    3. PiaffePony0412
      Missed your post in the 'schooling isn't always pretty' thread- I was disagreeing with the OP that the ride was 'harmonious partnership'. I totally agree with what you had to say there.
    4. pippy
      I'll try get one for you in the next few days... remind me if I haven't got back to you - building a house/new horse to play with/renovation another house/working full time...... rather busy LOL
    5. xjustaie
      Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I love the quote in your signature.

      And, everywhere you post, you have really great insight and are very helpful. :)
    6. jedy
      hey, you didn't come across the thread with my pictures in snow, did you?
    7. farmeress
      Classical Dressage or The Ultimate Dressage Board...anywhere a discussion of PK and the high hand theory is...PP says there are many topics on this and many agree with her...I am finding just a smany disagree with Pk...I am looking for the educated chat from both sides with the experienced rider to help me "get the fuss"
    8. farmeress
      I would give up re Tortilas thread...when it comes to those that say theory is is notuntil they experience the practical that it is truly understood...and every FEI judge out there...has that practical experience to back up their opinion....and most S rated judges...will tell you that practical is very important to their experience as a judge...just mentor or scribe for can be an ey opener

      Waste of breath on those to blind by word to see the will comewith experience...or dollar to dollar...those who understand the theory..or say they do...will still be at the same place in riding in two years from now...just hang around

      Now...can you kindly direct me to the thread on the "other board" that PP has mentioned...because I can not find it...thanks
    9. farmeress
      pm is available now.:)
    10. atabal
      :) my big mouth tends to get me in trouble.... thanks for understanding i mean well lol!
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    ~ If a horse becomes more beautiful in the course of his work, it is a sign that the training principles are correct. ~ Alois Podhajsky
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