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Apr 17, 2014
Jan 7, 2010
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Glen Rock, PA
Wife LOL

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Senior Member, from Glen Rock, PA

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Apr 17, 2014
    1. mybanjo
      Hi, I was wondering if you still have your 16.5" Bob Marshall. Thanks!
    2. Roleysnewmom
      Hey, I don't know if I told you already, but I'm currently looking for a BLACK CC 17.5 seat with knee rolls and blocks. Range: $600 or less, prefer 500 and payment okay. Medium to medium wide tree. Can keep an eye out for any? It's SO hard to find black ones on this continent! Thank You!
    3. SASSY1202
      You deffintly should some day I'd love to see them!
    4. SASSY1202
      I wanted to see pics of your horsies:)
    5. SASSY1202
      where's your pictures!!!!
    6. Roleysnewmom
      Hey, need new saddle! (well, new to me) My new ASB mare is broad, wide, witherless, and flat. Needless to say, none of my saddle fit her just because of the curviness of them. Would you mind keeping an eye out for me for something with a:

      17.5" seat
      Wide tree (hoop tree would be awesome)
      Very flat panels
      Preferably a CC, but an AP would be okay too.

      Or do you have anything now that fits the bill? Very small price range for the moment.. About $250. But if I can find someone to buy my ctd dressage saddle I'll have much more to add. :) So at the moment, I'm thinking I'll be able to afford a used semi abused, or possibly used wintec. Let me know if you see something!

    7. Jr.pie
      Hello, did you make a sale on the Abetta saddle? If not you can PM me back, I have a huge fqh/ paint and I rode in one of these over the summer and fell in love with it.
    8. Tucker72
      HI! Im from MD. I remember replying to your ad on equinenow for your paint. But you had changed the plans for her. How is She?!
    9. mbdear
      Do you still have the Miley inline trailer for sale? I realize it has been several months since the last post with regard to the trailer. Thanks

      Mike Dear
    10. livetoride
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    Glen Rock, PA
    Wife LOL
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    Arabian, paints, Mustang and a Heinz 57
    Owned horse for the past 20 years, involved with horse rescue and loving wife to my wonderful hubby.

    Horses, horse rescue, Breyers, Outdoor fun


    Mason Dixon Saddlery
    ~~Quality Saddles, In All Styles, To Fit All Budgets~~
    100% Anti Slaughter and proud of it!