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Oct 22, 2010
    1. Taihoa
      what the .... ?!?! what happened????
    2. Taihoa
      what? huh? who is slick??
    3. Taihoa
      Holy! How did that go down!!?? DETAILS!
      I arrive Wednesday and leave Thursday after my classes. Still don't have ANYTHING from HOY - no confirmation, tickets, car passes, nothing :(
    4. Taihoa
      What?! Is this Ash you are talking about?! Holy fcuk!
    5. Taihoa
      one was there to learn to jump - she managed to FLIP the horse and nearly break its back. she said it was the horse - its most definitely WAS NOT the horse :flaming: the horse spent ages being rehabilitated and is now rideable.
      the other one she 'broke in' but it came home and within 2 weeks was totally untouchable. I had to rebreak it completely. It honestly has ****** all idea what it was doing. Hopefully she does a better job for you though!!
    6. Taihoa
      :eek2: your brave.
      i just spent all christmas FIXING two horses she nearly ruined - one of which she ruined so badly it was nearly pts
    7. Taihoa
    8. Taihoa
      while you're at it - make your profile a bit more exciting aye?! its friggin boring :p
    9. Taihoa
      Yeah I'm pretty stoked about finding her - now to talk Dan in to buying her MWHAHAHA HAHA!!
      I don't go on facebook and don't know Rosie all that well. To be honest I'd burst into tears if I went out there :( I got put on anti-depresants after Cata died, it was such a shock and I can't get over it. Nearly sold Tai and gave up completely a month ago :(
      3/4 months is ages!! Another horse to winter pretty much - stink! Mind you, Seb is lovely so its not THAT much of a burden.
      I'm pleased you changed Lila's name. It sounds much better now. Who you sending her to to break in?? Gavin? Andrew?
    10. Taihoa
      :rofl: awww Ellie - what can I say :p
      Sounds like Wairarapa has a strong team for champs this year - NOT!!
      I didn't find Belles sister myself - Pam who owns a Rado baby and knew Emma who bred Tai just happened accross it and pointed it out to me. Was a light bulb moment - another Tai baby!!! I want it to be big, but if its little, you can have it :)
      Stink about Seb - will you just let him heal and try again?
      Not going to Collier-Walls party - didn't know anything about it to be honest. I'm only at HOY for one night :o
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