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    1. feealicious
      Have a very wonderful holiday season!! :)
    2. all4him
      The humidity kills me. It feels like I'm suffocating!! But for the cold, I boil big pots of water on the stove to increase the humidity in the house. Go figure!!
    3. Chester
      I would be feeling chilly at that but wouldn't be freezing cold. We get down to 0 here in winter now and then but I close the house up before dark and it stays pretty warm. Heat, or humidity really, is our big killer. Had Chicks boyfriend come and stay the other weekend and the temp and humidity soared. Since he isn't use to humidity at all i did turn the ac on to dehumidify for him.
    4. Chester
      floods are really only inconvenient for me. we are up high. if we went under then most of our state would be under. tsunami wouldn't get us despite being close to the coast. cyclones could get us but we are bit lower than they normally come in. storms can be very violent though.

      i have to feel sorry for those who did the right things and still have a hard time.
    5. Chester
      always amazes me the people who ignore the warnings or are unprepared. i am use to being prepared. If it isn't floods in summer for us it is fires.
    6. Chester
      That's good then. Just thought a bit more water may not be helpful for getting fuel supplies through.
    7. Chester
    8. CrazyHorse
      Thank you. I just wish people would open their eyes :(
    9. Miz Khiz
      Miz Khiz
      Your inbox is full! ;)
      I will definitely check out that website for some insight.

      Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving.
    10. cowgirl up 2
      cowgirl up 2
      a friend of my daughter got picked up and shook like a dog ,by a horse he grabbed her by her neck ouch
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