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  1. Tannadoll
    Returning member to the forums! Formerly leaps-n-Bounds! Getting back into the horse world!
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  2. RidingOnDreams
  3. RidingOnDreams
    RidingOnDreams Blue-Roan
    wow the horse is your pfp is gorgeous
  4. QuarterHorseMomma
    When a member tries to make you out to be a vain idiot and in reality they are the one with the problem and lack of knowledge.
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  5. Alsosusieq2
    Alsosusieq2 Equine Repro
    I'm not getting an auto fill on your name trying to pass a @ on to a member. Hoping you buzz in soon-!!
  6. Equestrian Writer
  7. Tylie Wright
    Tylie Wright
    Hey today is my first day on this site and I would like to make some friends. I love talking about life about horses. HMU if you want!
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    2. Alsosusieq2
      Jump onto the introduction board and get to meet a lot of people there-!! They'll reply etc. Tell us what's going on and what you've been up to. Good to meet you. :)
      Jun 12, 2017
  8. cathrynxox
    cathrynxox pippy
    Weird question - but how is Pencil doing? Do you still have him?

    I always liked him :)
  9. Alexis Halls
    Alexis Halls LeenieBean
    I couldn't respond to your comment on my post but no, I haven't quit riding forever. My injury is just restricting me from riding for a couple weeks :(
  10. Nina Eglund
    Nina Eglund
    I need show names for my horse, Treasure, and I would like them to contain the words treasure, diamond, silver, gold, etc. Thanks!
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    2. Alsosusieq2
      Post on the board names I think it's called, we'll flood you w them. Usually don't see posts here actually. :)
      Jun 12, 2017