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  1. FluffyThoroughbred
    How do I create a new thread??
  2. Frost Laced Dynamite
    Frost Laced Dynamite
    Learn from yesterday, live for today & hope for tomorrow.
  3. FluffyThoroughbred
    FluffyThoroughbred Faster Horses
    Beautiful horse on your profile picture!!
  4. manesntails
    manesntails 1claire
    Mine is a Mule. Everyone thinks she's a horse until they hear her whinney-haw~!!
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  5. FluffyThoroughbred
    FluffyThoroughbred flyingcolors

    Your horses are beautiful!! I just looked at them on your website. Have a great day!!
  6. manesntails
    manesntails 1claire
    Love that gorgeous pony in your avatar~!!
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    2. 1claire
      thank you, I also love the white horse dp of yours. Have a goo day!
      Feb 5, 2019
  7. EventingArabella
  8. cowgurlshorty
  9. Pepper&Justan
    I need help! My filly Pepper is 1 and super skittish, I cant pet her or get near her. If I do she kicks out to the side. Any tips?
  10. Pepper&Justan
    I have 4 horses a bay mare, a shetland gelding, a WelshxP.O.A gelding I event on and a filly I rescued/bought off feedlot on 12/28/18. Lovem