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  1. JBrider
    Would like to find out the value of this saddle-its in good condtion. 15” seat, roping saddle, #4892 on latigo keeper
  2. JBrider
    Hi, recently bought a Simco saddle with the number 4892 stamped in the latigo keeper. Is there any way to find when this saddle was made?
  3. ponybeth05
    hi there! i'm looking for riding tips if anyone has any. I struggle to keep my leg back when trotting so how can I help that?
  4. Alexia
    Hi, I am Alexa. I am 13, it says 18, do not listen to that. I absolutely love horses. Feel free to message and comment on whatever. :)
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    2. Alsosusieq2
      Hi Alexia-!! Hit the introduction board if you feel like it, just touch the "forums" and it opens up all the boards by scrolling down. Good to meet you. :)
      Sep 6, 2018
  5. HappyAppyCheveze
    My Appy rubbed a patch of fur off, not bleeding but is red, what is best to put on it? Or should i leave it alone, just keep an eye on it??
    1. Cheyenne Gould
      Cheyenne Gould
      Put some furizone and vetrecin on it and just leave it alone u should see a difference by Saturday
      Sep 3, 2018
  6. WesternRider22
    WesternRider22 Victoria Ludwig
    Thanks for the follow! lol
  7. zatona sel
    zatona sel
    My name is zaton I'm Designer logos & drawings for Tshirts,I love horses & learn about the cultures of the world welcome to my world
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  8. sehamm faridd
  9. Victoria Ludwig
    Victoria Ludwig
    anyone know of good ground exercises I can do with my horse?
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    2. WesternRider22
  10. Steve Hall
    Steve Hall
    Custom Luxury Log Homes