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  1. danaw
    I would like to attach pictures; any advice on how to do so would be appreciated.
  2. danaw
    I am looking for a specialized Farrier in the Banta/Tracy CA area to shoe my horse. Her foot is deformed and requires egg bar shoes
  3. aeternal
    aeternal Arem
    Arem! I don't know if you are still super into colors, but! The first frame over Morgan in years has been born and is a buckskin COLT! I posted a pic of him in the cool color thread but I figured you'd be excited, too!
    1. Arem
      That’s super awesome!!! I’ll have to go check him out!
      Jul 19, 2018 at 12:09 PM
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  4. manesntails
    manesntails My horses
    I am going to be the first to post to your messages~!! You are going to have a sucessful relationship with horses. Keep thinking, watching, and learning how horses interact with one another. That is the secret: communicate the same way every time, simply and clearly, be patient, give them time to think about what you are asking before asking again and you have it.
    Happy you joined the board~!!
    1. My horses
      My horses
      Thank you. That is very nice
      Jul 10, 2018
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  5. highclassequestriantrash
    In the middle of counseling pony camps. These children will be the death of me.
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  6. John Aka
    John Aka
    I john I like natures and the beauty of horses
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  7. highclassequestriantrash
    This weekend, I am going to my first mounted rally for Pony Club. It's Show Jumping and I'm riding a green horse. Any words of wisdom?
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  8. Jdodds1983
    Jdodds1983 Kentpahsimeroi
    Do you still have the warr saddle
  9. EquineSilver
    I'm currently taking Caspian off sweetfeed and putting him on ranch pro performance feed.
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  10. Kaitlyn Musselman
    Kaitlyn Musselman
    Observing a small horse show in Livingston Parish:)
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