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  1. Asena
    Hello! My name is Asena, and I am happy to be on this site!
  2. manesntails
    manesntails DM_Mac
    What problems are you having with the horse?
    1. DM_Mac
      Thx for asking-I’ve taken my time w/him, lots of growndwork before saddling him,he was doing pretty well, not having been ridden in 7 yrs.
      Mar 18, 2018 at 7:38 PM
  3. DM_Mac
    I hope to meet some knowlegable, helpful people here, who can offer me some advice with some issues I’m having with a particular horse.
  4. DM_Mac
    Naw, I wouldn’t unload a cattle truck wearing these boots, but they belonged to my dad, so I wanted to put them on, just for a photo!
  5. DM_Mac
    We are a family of cattle ranchers, living in the Napa County area of Ca., where we run steers & a few pairs.
  6. Snow White Horse
    Snow White Horse Cruise_Over_Oxers
    Your avatar is really beautiful! :D
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    2. Cruise_Over_Oxers
      Thank you! It's Cruiser <3 I'm riding him on a x-country course to test him out on xcountry! 3rd ride on him if I remember right and that's the day we brought him home. :)
      Mar 15, 2018
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    3. Snow White Horse
      Snow White Horse
      Sweet! That sounds fun. =D
      Mar 16, 2018 at 9:58 AM
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  7. Candi Albrighton
    Candi Albrighton
    I need some answers
  8. Horse Mimi
    Horse Mimi
    I will be purchasing the horse in my profile picture and wanted to get some ideas for her name. She is an 18 year old Quarter Horse mare.
  9. QuarterHorseMomma
    That one member that should not be allowed to interact with other because she clearly can't play nicely.
  10. QuarterHorseMomma
    Waiting to become a grandma... One of my horses I free leased to her old owners should be foaling VERY soon!!!